Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a standardised, highly automated offering, where compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities are owned and hosted by K3 Hosting and offered to customers on-demand. Customers are able to self-provision this infrastructure, using a Web-based graphical user interface that serves as an IT operations management console for the overall environment. API access to the infrastructure may also be offered as an option.

Delivering an IT service that can adapt to business needs without significant capital investment is a constant challenge.  Constantly having to invest in datacentre infrastructure and maintenance is no longer cost-efficient for most organisations.

K3 Hosting’s Infrastructure as a Service solves these problems. You can pay monthly for hosted server, network and storage services according to usage allowing you to free up capital budget, deliver service levels that exceed service requirements and leave your IT team free from operational tasks to focus on business development projects and testing.

The K3 Hosting IaaS offering is a hosted Enterprise Class Cloud Service that is built on the very best technologies with options available for dedicated or shared infrastructure resources. Each customer gets a secure virtual datacentre with contracted service level agreements based on things that matter to you and your users.

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

  • Allows IT to shift focus – With the quick availability of IaaS services, infrastructure is delivered as a service (ready to consume), it frees an organization to leverage and focus their time and resources in bringing innovations in applications and solutions.
  • Hassle free service – Each infrastructure component is provided as a services. For ex: hardware –as-a -service , server –as-a -service, computing –as-a -service, storage –as-a -service. This adds lot of flexibility to anyone looking for only specific services
  • Utility Service – K3 Hosting IaaS follows a utility service model – pay per use / pay per go subscription based model.
  • Dynamic Scaling – Scale up and down the Infrastructure services based on the application usage. This is best for the applications where there are significant spikes and troughs on the usage of infrastructures.
  • Multiple tenents – Service provisioning includes multiple users accessing the same piece of infrastructure
  • Investment Cap – More beneficial for companies with limited capital to invest in hardware and infrastructure
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership – Changes the cost from Capital expense (Capex) to Operational expense (Opex)
  • Metered Service -K3 Hosting IaaS usage is metered and priced on the basis of units (or instances) consumed. Pay for what you use and when you use it.
  • Flexible Offering – Access infrastructure from anywhere, any location on any device
  • Enables Green IT – Reduced environmental effect with optimum use of IT resources and systems, which adds to the Green IT initiatives for an organisation.

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